Gamebug's Trophy Bounty ***NOT ACTIVE RIGHT NOW***

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Gamebug's Trophy Bounty ***NOT ACTIVE RIGHT NOW***

Post by Gamebug on Sat Jul 18, 2015 11:36 pm

I will advertise this page in-game at different times of day via tournament for a few days, after that it is up to word of mouth. No greed, please!

I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to do this, but it only pertains to Emerald, so here goes.

I am a huge huge huge advocate of pillaging and have personally set up and run, at a loss, WF pillages, and a while back a large/huge Viking run that ported 2.83M - all at 100% JD. I am happy when big ships and small ships alike can go beat up Brigands and Barbarians.

However, until recently, my reason for pillaging was dwindling as I became more and more interested in trophies. Now that there's pillage trophies, all I want to DO is pillage!

Sorry it's getting rambly but the backstory could be important someday! On to the main point...

I am hereby placing a bounty on all of the trophies listed below, the price on their heads will be listed by their name. There are many rules but it's pretty simple: Job me and get me a trophy, and I will pay your ship.


1. With few exceptions, anyone may use me and abuse me to make a profit on their pillages. These exceptions include but are not limited to: anyone on my mute list.

2. I am very good at personal time management, and know when I have time for fights or not. As such, if you follow the proper guidelines OR I apply randomly to a pillage, you have me for a minimum of 4 battles. Unless I note it before jobbing, I will pay a grief fee of 5k for leaving before 4 battles. I will likely leave after 4 if you have a high losing streak or if I only planned on exactly 4. But that's the magic number! Grief fee does not apply if you port before I am jobbed for 4 battles.

3. No pestering me! You must /w my pirate and send a tell before a job invite... I'll do my best to manage /afk messages or have /dnd activated to minimize errors.

4. As listed in 3, I require a tell before a job invite.. this is to make sure I'm not busy, tired, lazy, or out of time. Just tell me what size ship you're on and how close you are to sailing.

5. Your pillage must not exclude greenie pirates. I will never job for anyone screening for a specific stat, with the possible exception of Osprey pillages, but for that I will require GM or higher standing as of now and your Ultimate Battle Navigator in plain view. I will much more often job for people pillaging in Gull, Ibis, or anywhere else that isn't red.

6. I reward fun with PoE and fun, I punish boringness or cruelty to jobbers with silence, harshness, or even leaving early with no grief fee.

7. Due to a really dumb Game Design flaw, all bounties will be paid to the booty immediately upon winning the trophy, no exceptions, which just means you'll have to be extra careful about losing. Should you lose after I've deposited a bounty, you will not be compensated by me.

8. I will not use the /pay function to pay out any bounties. They will be paid to booty chests. Jobbers deserve to be rewarded for working alongside me.

9. I only carp or gun. Carp at exc/inc level, gun at about 3.5 a turn. I'm not a super puzzler, I'm not perfect, but I am a super jobber. I consider myself enthusiastic and friendly, motivational to jobbers, and fun. If you hire me and either need neither of these or intend to try to make me Sail or Bilge, there is an incredibly high probability I will leave in search of a vessel I can carp on.

10. Pending new rules. Rules are only in place to keep myself from wanting to die from a lack of order.


No, we can't be hearties. I am full and will not delete my hearties for you.
No, I won't join your crew.
No, I won't join your flag.
No, I won't pay the bounty just because you did awesome, I must earn the trophy while on your ship, or it only counts as points toward the trophy.
VERY IMPORTANT: Three Rings does NOT tell me how close I am to my trophy, and I do not keep count, do not ask me how close I am to a trophy, especially before jobbing me in "consideration."

Things I like:
Long, marathon-like pillages (when I have time)
YOU passing this link to a friend.
Questions about this game and its mechanics

Things I dislike:
Jobbing for Viking and IO runs (I love the expos but I'm done trophy hunting there!)
Questions about money

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Re: Gamebug's Trophy Bounty ***NOT ACTIVE RIGHT NOW***

Post by Gamebug on Sat Jul 18, 2015 11:37 pm

Trophy Bounty Continuation: The payouts.

This is the page that you really wanted to see. This post will list all the PoE rewards and incentives I am willing to pay out in exchange for you jobbing me to your voyage.

As listed above, I only want to carp or gun, but will be happy to play these puzzles for you for the duration of your voyage (or for 4 battles, see above).


Silver ships. Booty chest addition: 50,000 PoE


Gold ships. Booty chest addition: 200,000 PoE

Merchant Brig
War Brig
Merchant Galleon
War Frigate - 400,000 PoE
Grand Frigate - 600,000 PoE

Gold BK - please note I will still never job on a ship that excludes greenies. 25,000 PoE
Death's Head
Eye of Flame
Finius Pennant
Seal of Madness
Valkyrie Helm

Not paying at the moment for Diamond ships - I will add them when I have some golds.

MISC naver trophies:

Bowl of Blood (100th KB) - 100,000 PoE
Hijacked Load (10th Merchant Expedition - MUST BE AN EXPO, ATTACKING MERCHANTS DOES NOT COUNT) - 25,000 PoE
Swiped Cargo (50th Merchant Expedition) - 150,000 PoE
Army of Darkness (1000th skeleton point) - 25,000 PoE

MISC Gamebug trophies:
I know these have nothing to do with what the naver does, but I will still reward the ship if I should achieve them.

Ultimate Carpenter - 100,000 PoE
Ultimate Gunner - 100,000 PoE
Grain Adept - 50,000 PoE
Sublime Carpenter - 10,000 PoE (Low because I know I'm close)
Revered Carpenter - 50,000 PoE
Exalted Carpenter - 100,000 PoE
Transcendent Carpenter - 250,000 PoE
Sublime Gunner - 25,000 PoE
Revered Gunner - 75,000 PoE
Exalted Gunner - 150,000 PoE
Transcendent Gunner - 500,000 PoE
Bejeweled Cannon - 50,000 PoE

Even more MISC than that:

I really love Pomegranates, they are so wonderful. If I'm having fun on your pillage and/or don't forget to pay out, I'll add 250 PoE for each one ye win.

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